Damn Good At This


Some of you might recognise the title to a Jesus Jones B side. I saw them loads, have most of their early catalogue and retain a real affection for them. They still tour (though I keep managing to miss them – just couldn’t get a ticket for their Bull & Gate gig last month). They’ve a DVD coming out soon but in the meantime, here’s Crispin. Free download.

As they explain, “For all of the Jones fans – you’ll probably realise this is the original version of “Damn Good At This” It was an instrumental for ever – right up until the time that Food needed it as a b-side for “Right Here Right Now”. Of all of Mike’s songs, this is the one that works best as an instrumental – the lyrics somehow never sat perfectly over the tune. The recorded version never quite scaled the heights of the demo, and it’s very cool to let you hear how good it actually was. Enjoy x

It’s available to download from Jesus Jones Archive

And, if that isn’t enough, try this version of Bring It On Down:

Live radio session version. This is pretty much the DEFINITIVE version of BIOD, and the version we played live most often. Sample clearance issues would probably nix a real release, so let’s put it here, shall we? It’s too good to remain unheard.


~ by acidted on June 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Damn Good At This”

  1. Love JJ – didn’t know they were still together. Thanks for the links, sir.

  2. I really appreciated Doubt, expecially I’m Burning For You and Blissed. Perverse is on my gotta-give-it another-listen list. I was wondering if I was the only one left that did like Jesus Jones (I added that up to my theory that I don’t have any taste in music) but now that they have ctel (and the irreprehensible DJ Shelf)’s stamp of approval I feel a little bit better. Thanks for the links.

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