Zack Highwire “Heartline Fractures EP”


A new release on Whiskey Pickle from Zack Highwire. Expect nu disco  and cosmic disco space adventures. Free download.

Last time, we had a Whiskey Pickle release it was Disco Vigilantes, for whom Austin-based Zack Highwire did a remix. Now, his own Heartline Fractures EP. The EP opens with the best thing here, By Them. This is a masterclass in cosmic disco. Tom toms lead you in to the lovely synth melody, as intergalactic dust clouds whirl by. There’s a lightness and sense of the sprawling vastness of space that really define this beautiful tune. Blissful.

As for the rest, Minds Hearts, Lies takes everything to a slightly darker synth place. Surface Love goes a bit Italo disco but is a bit too soundtracky for its own good. It ends with Does She Want You Now? and its vocodered refrain against stronger beats than characterise the rest of the EP. But it’s By Them I keep coming back to.

By Them

Heartline Fractures EP (clips)

And, the free download is a recent mixtape from Zach Highwire

Blurb: Whiskey Pickle heralds its tenth release with the debut EP from Zack Highwire, a DJ/producer based in Austin, TX via Minnesota’s twin cities. With so many extraterrestrial vibes present on the Heartline Fractures EP one might have to wonder about Zack Highwire’s true origins. Could this simply be a stellar (pun intended) debut from a talented northerner living in Texas, or did a heart broken Star-Man fall to our tiny blue planet in search of solace and studio time to craft the perfect, cosmic break-up record? Whiskey Pickle’s not gonna say it was aliens … but, it was aliens. The Heartline Fractures EP opens with the otherworldly arpeggios and hypnotic, percussive melodies of “By Them,” a tune that could perfectly soundtrack intergalactic SETI explorations with its supernova of sound. “Mind, Hearts, Lies” is a detour through a black hole as ominous chords prepare the listener for an acidic, breakbeat breakdown. Flip it over to get another deep space voyage in the form of “Surface Love” where psychedelic Italo stylings conjure visions of land speeders cruising the valleys and ruins of Mars. Rounding out the EP, one finds Mr. Highwire’s version of a peak time banger, “Does She Want You Now?,” featuring a brutal kick / bass combo that roots feet to the dance floor while vocoded pads lift the listener up to the stars.
@zack highwire

~ by acidted on June 13, 2013.

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