Bad Life goes Europhile


Hardly your usual press release that has a go at UKIP in bringing you some techno from the other side of La Manche – see below. But Bad Life are hardly your usual label. Here’s the new offering from Sovnger & Lazy Flow.  Some cracking cosmic techno.

Blurb: Vote Sovnger & Lazy Flow. Early support from Johnny Hallyday. Bananas, nuts and fruitcakes have recently expressed outrage at being compared to UK Independence Party members, a bunch of Europhobic ‘closet racists’ likely to become a major force in British politics for years to come.  Whilst the recent UK elections showed current popular opinion is swaying away from EU membership, at Bad Life we’re in the minority championing greater integration with our continental chums. Aside from the obvious rationale of our argument (better food and weather), it’s also important to note that over the channel you tend to not get girls pissing on the street or people putting cats in wheely bins. Our Europhile A&R policy continues with the return of Sovnger to Bad Life. He of colossal mega-smash ‘Breathless’ fame has been a hero of our Gallic outpost since the heady days of ’11. This time he’s back with his fellow countryman and ace house-bod Lazy Flow in tow. The fruits of their musical fornication are UFO61 and ASH, two peak time power jams which take one beyond the four dimensional space time continuum, enabling you to live eternally as a fifth dimensional being. Totally cosmic man.


~ by acidted on June 21, 2013.

One Response to “Bad Life goes Europhile”

  1. ‘…you tend to not get girls pissing on the street…’

    Yes, the boys are so much more elegant when they’re pissing up a wheelie bin.

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