Ruben Brundell – You You Remixes EP


New remix EP out on 12-3 Recordings. Contains a bit of a shock to me.

The shock is the first track. This is the remix from Leav, whose previous work has been splendid. This is the first thing of his I’ve not enjoyed. Instead of his usual nimble house approach, this has a rather future bass feel to the track. Which falls flat. Orphans STLHM get things back on track with their dubby Less Funk More Chunk remix. Pierre Grall goes all Detroit for his remix and Ruben Brundell’s VIP mix takes things in a more tech house direction. A mixed bag with only Orphans STLHM really hitting home.

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Blurb: When duty calls, the core troopers step up – Jonas Isaksson, The Orphans and Pierre Grall provides a remix each for the springtime bass-heavy track You You, delivered by Ruben Brundell early May this year. The main author himself ending the EP with a low key VIP. The orgininal gets a real twist, but keeps the focus on that thumping vibe through the Leav re-work, Uppsalas finest lets the bassline do the talking with this juggernaut of a track. Kasper Nowakowski and Andreas Lindman gives us a perfect contrast with their moogy techno-remix, a hands-to-the-roof jewel. Pierre Grall goes all out, pump, club, Maschine-toms with his udeniably heavy remix. Four huge productions in one of the best remix ep:s we’ve dropped to date – enjoy!

~ by acidted on June 28, 2013.

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