The Man With The Red Face


Saxophones. They’re so wrong in dance music. The Man With The Red Face is an exception to this rule. Never short of remixes since it was released in 2000 by Laurent Garnier, it has had yet another remix a new cover version. This time by Kaiser Souzai (Markus Kaiser and Alex Souzai). This short edit gets down to business straight away as a euphoric reach-for-the-sky tune. A fine addition to the original.

Blurb: “The sun was already up in the sky, the bakerman was already baking bread. Women were cleaning the bars while men were cleaning roads giving hookers stumbling home a wolf whistle. A gentle breeze hits me, the light hurts my eyes and the silence after the music ending behind me when I crossed the club’s threshold gave me a sudden death. A feeling of what others may call reality tears at my senses while I still feel the uptempo of the hours behind me down at the club drowning my individuality in the melange of a timeless party. “But was this all real?” I was asking myself and feel the warmth of this Ibiza sun dropping its first drip of doubt into my sea of happiness.

My cognition came back and when I looked around I saw that man a few meters away leaning against the club’s backside wall. Playing a saxophone like a play from a different time. Minutes later after having proven that my legs still work I stood in front of him listening to him playing his golden instrument reflecting Ibiza’s golden sun on this tinny morning.  And believe me, boys, he was not simply playing this instrument- he was united with it. And with the air out of his lung he moulds tones, notes and tunes that reached me in a way I never felt before. It was as if he was playing in my head expressing my deepest unknown feelings. Expressing the ambivalence of my life, the up’s and down’s, the maniac and the mastermind. The control and the let go.

Suddenly he stopped playing. “Who are you?” I asked him. “I am Laurent. The French man.” he replied looking at me with an unlimited closeness and I really felt that man being inside my head. “Listen to me!” he said still focussing his look on my mind: “You’ll never see the hacienda. It doesn’t exist. The hacienda must be built.” Then he continued playing. And from that moment on I understood.” 

The moment the legendary DukeEric has ended telling Markus and Alex of Kaiser Souzai on a chilly night in Berlin this story both immediately returned to their studio and gave music to this story. With their release “The man with the red face 2.0” Kaiser Souzai do point in the same direction the man with the sax did. A hybrid blend of clubbing sounds carrying us away to the dancefloor of our desires and a saxophone flying high above that wall of sound creates pictures in our mind. And what appears as a friction of diametric musical expressions is perfectly linked in their tune, takes us away, gives heartiness and sense and makes us understand. Makes us understand that it is time to built our Hacienda. Now.

~ by acidted on June 29, 2013.

4 Responses to “The Man With The Red Face”

  1. Think this may be a cover rather than a re-edit / remix whatever. Still pretty damn good.

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