Electric Zeus – IbiZa 2013 – Ibiza Loves Me Mix (ShaneSOS)


Since it’s been such a lovely day in London, so warm vibes for bed time from Electric Zeus. No track list, no flummery, just some deep house  and warm soul.

And, the picture is of flummery, which not only means nonsense but was originally a starch based food.

Blurb: It’s hard to place this mix into a specific purpose, it is more a collection of emotions from me I guess, emotions that Ibiza stirs in my soul. If I had to I would say it’s for late night vibrations or warming up to go out with my friends from the rocky point under the stars at Cala Conta… but hey just turn it up any ol time and I hope it gives you a good feeling. All quite new music here that I expect will be part of my sets over there in 2013  
Para todos mis Amigos… Ibiza Loves Us!
X Shane.

~ by acidted on June 30, 2013.

One Response to “Electric Zeus – IbiZa 2013 – Ibiza Loves Me Mix (ShaneSOS)”

  1. […] had Electric Zeus a month ago, with their cracking Ibiza mix. Now an original tune. And it’s really a bit of a corker. […]

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