The Prolific Todd Terry


A blizzard of house stuff from Todd Terry. Includes porn.

First, Swan Lake Don’t Stop a Rare DJ only White Label from 2001. This has been given a new update. A high energy house number, which, yes, samples Swan Lake and has that bass line from… Anyone?

Part 1 of the Porn trilogy is, appropriately enough, Pornography. A defiant throwback in the old skool house sound, with moany samples.

New Position is Part 2 of the Porn Trilogy. A bit of a throwback to something from Nervous Records BITD. Part 3 of the porn trilogy is out in August.

~ by acidted on July 6, 2013.

One Response to “The Prolific Todd Terry”

  1. Much respect to the great Todd Terry. “Don’t Stop”, recorded as Swan Lake, actually dates back to 1990, and was included on the “Fingertrips” EP ( Worthy of note, that release also features a couple of tracks that Terry produced as Masters At Work, just prior to Kenny Gonzales and Louie Vega adopting the name.

    Here’s the original version of “Don’t Stop”:

    And once again, you have inspired me, Ted. Related post on the way…

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