REMIXING CLASSICS: The Stranglers – Strange Little Girl-Ohm Fat Blue Edit


Ah, The Stranglers. Always a bit more prepared to be pop than some of their contemporaries. Strange Little Girl was a lovely tune from 1982. Here’s a lovely remix for free download.

What I hadn’t realised was, acording to WikiThe band showed their talent for mischief in releasing “Strange Little Girl” as their last single on the label when they revealed that it had originally been written in 1974, and submitted to EMI years before the band had a record deal. EMI had rejected the band on the basis of that demo. “Strange Little Girl” went on to become a top-ten hit single in the UK.”

The original was always a step apart from their usual rocky sound. It had that Wurlitzer feel coming from La Folie. Ohm Fat has accentuated the dream-like element of the original to make it a properly trippy but gently so experience.

Blurb: Ohm Fat is a part of YanooshMusicProductions ™, a project of Janus Ales Luznar, songwriter, producer, composer and DJ born and based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the late 90’s Janus started experimenting and searching for new guidelines in music and sound, so his musical path asserted him to become one of the most productive electronic producers in Slovenia. While he worked on variety of different projects, like music and sound for theatre, fashion shows and moving pictures, the native rx:tx label released his debut album Yanoosh – Hibernate 1000 Miles from Earth in 2009. In 2010 he started an OhmFat project, and hit the dance floors with distinctive sound and touch for live mashups with disco, techno and old evergreens that made a perfect combination for a wide variety of public. In 2012 he released the first EP by the name Ohm Fat – Planetarium on Adriatiko recordings and soon after Nang records released his remixes of Rayko’s – The cave (Ohm Fat’s transcended and Dub mix), highly ranked on the dance scene, followed by Ohm Fat – Fragile and Dance on Sensei recordings and Adam Fields – Icarus (Ohm Fat edit) on Distinctive records.

~ by acidted on July 8, 2013.

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  1. yeah – this is a nice recommendation ctel – thanks for this.

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