Leav – Keep On EP


Got a bit of a bromance going with Leav at the moment. This must be at least his fifth release of the year. All of the previous ones have been quality house music. Proper dance floor stuff. No lazy ‘bangers’ or ‘bombs’ here. Can he keep up this enviable track record?

Basically, yes. I’m tempted simply to stop there and let you listen for yourself.

But for anyone who wants convincing, Keep On is a lovey house tune that strays periodically into woozy deep house with washes of synth chords. Quality. Miranda goes for a more electro approach. Never unpleasant but not as winning. Dorado is a more experimental track with a slightly Eastern feel to the snake charmer tones and the pitched tom toms. Takt is another experimental track but in a completely different direction. It’s built around an acoustic guitar sample and goes for something of a dubby folktronica vibe. A rather lovely end to the EP.

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https://itunes.apple.com/album/keep-on-ep/id657820080 ;

Blurb: July has never sounded better! Leav is back with the most definite summer anthem: steady paced beauty Keep On. The new release from Jonas Isaksson comes with a lovely deep house sugarcube of a track on that mighty fine a-side, only to be followed up by the pounding Miranda, a proper jewel – A beach side banger of the very best kind. To be heard through many, many heated summer night dancefloors. B-side bombs Dorado and Takt provides a delicious outtake. Dorado being the relentless housebanger, while the exquisite deep house-production Takt adds depth and variety to the release. So, less copy and more house, as per usual, we’ll let the music do the talking.

Released by: 12-3 Recordings
Release/catalogue number: 123REC059
Release date: Jul 10, 2013

~ by acidted on July 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Leav – Keep On EP”

  1. Last night I actually gave up sleep for listening to this EP. As much as I like the soft atmosphere of ‘ Keep On ‘, I must say that the track that I liked the most was ‘ Miranda ‘: I particularly liked the contrast between the electronics and the latin rhythms (I wish a was an expert about that, but pulling to guess, ..descarga?). Way cool.

  2. […] great music we’ve released this year. If I have to choose one particular release, I guess the Keep On EP by Leav might be the one, that title track is amazing, I played it so much in my sets that […]

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