In Government in the UK, mutualism is flavour of the month. It fits within the warm, caring capitalism that the Government says it espouses. And it shares a similar space to the hard-to-articulate Big Society brand and helps offset the harder edges of austerity policies. Joor Nitth and Octochamp have done their own version of mutualism, by remixing each other’s tracks in this new, free EP.

Joor Nitth takes on Octochamp’s Adda. The original track is a slow garage house track going for a romantic feeling. Fine of its type but not my thing. Joor Nitth hardens things up, with a bit more of a garage stutter and bass wash. But the vocals remain. And I remain unmoved.

Octochamp (London’s Nathan David Smith) takes on Joor Nitth’s Going Home. When it appeared here in March, I said “a loose groovy bit of funky garage, with wide open synth spaces for basses. There are vocal samples but lightly glitched to keep the track moving.” The remix makesthe most of the chiming organ-synth refrain. Backed by strong bass and beats it’s a much more danceable prospect. Cracking tune. Easily the pick of the pair.


Joor Nitth – Going Home (Original)

Octochamp – Adda (Original)

Blurb: A two-tracks EP, based on mutual remixes of House/Garage songs by Nathan David Smith AKA Octochamp, and Joor Nitth. Available as a digital, free download. Released 22 July.

~ by acidted on July 25, 2013.

One Response to “Mutualism”

  1. Thanks for the kind words and support: I guess vocal austerity (surely better than economical) is your choice, with garage tracks! 😉

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