The Asphodells Remixed – Promo Mix


It’s been a long time since we had any Weatherall on the bog. I’ve not particularly enjoyed his krautrock or rockabilly influenced stuff. I still pine for the more danceable 90s stuff. It was therefore with a sense of foreboding that I listened to The Asphodells Remixed album. But it’s great.

I’ve no idea whether I like it because of what the remixers have done or whether it’s simply that Weatherall’s dance clock has once more turned to more house-orientated stuff. Check out this 13 min taster for the album. The remixers produce a cracking mix of dub, disco and house-influenced productions, always with a leftfield twist. Highlights from the album include Phil Kieran’s remix of Late Flowering Lust, which exploits an evil bass line and dub techno styling. Justin Robertson remixes Beglammered with a Moroder bass and upbeat chiming tones. and Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca remix Another Lonely City into a Balearic indie disco trip. Fabulous album.

And have a full track to listen, The Asphodells – We Are The Axis (Daniel Avery remix)

A taster of the tracks from The Asphodells ‘Remixed’ out 2nd September.

Remixed tracklisting:
01. Another Lonely City (Group Rhoda Remix)**
02. Late Flowering Lust (Phil Kieran Remix)
03. Beglammered (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix)
04. Skwatch (Black Merlin’s Reel To Reel Remix)
05. Never There (Hardway Bros Remix)
06. We Are The Axis (Daniel Avery Remix)**
07. Another Lonely City (Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca Remix)
08. Beglammered (Richard Sen Remix)
09. We Are The Axis (Scott Fraser Remix)
10. One Minute’s Silence (Ivan Smagghe Remix)
** – not on vinyl

~ by acidted on July 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Asphodells Remixed – Promo Mix”

  1. Darn it- got this lined up for tomorrow. It’s a cracking album.

  2. Like you Ctel, I hanker for the old times when a Weatherall mix or Sabres track meant danceable, sample laden, epic adventures. But his remixes and the parent album that these remixes comes from are really good.

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