The Analog Session – REMIXES 2



A couple of remixes from The Analog Session (Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky), exploring use of analogue synths and sounds. There’s techno and electro sounds to enjoy. Out at the start of September.

Alexander Robotnick is the artist name of Maurizio Dami, an electronic musician, DJ and producer living in Italy.  Ludus Pinsky is Lapo Lombardi’s alter ego, a multi-talented Florentine artist, well known in the Italian Reggae/Dub scene.

The two track are remixes of tracks that the pair released in 2010. First, N5 From Outer Space (summer Mix). This is a lovely mix, taking the track into bleeping techno territory. But half way through it goes all space fairground. A lovely tune. Funfare (summer mix) is a bit more dance floor orientated, with a thumping synth house beat and a parping refrain.

Blurb: The Analog Session (aka Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky) ‘Remixes 2’ released 02 September on Hot Elephant Music. The second single of the Remixes by The Analog Session Collection is released on Hot Elephant Music in September. The Analog Session is a music project conceived in February 2009 by Maurizio Dami (aka Alexander Robotnick) and Lapo Lombardi aka Ludus Pinsky. Initially only a video project, it then became also an album and finally a live performance. Now Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky remix two of the band’s best known tracks. The 2 tracks were included in the box (CD-DVD) released in 2010 by This is Music Ltd. ‘N5 From Outer Space’ is slowed down from 128 BPM to 121 BPM to match the present trend in Techno, while ‘Funfare’ remains in its original 124 BPM. Remixed in a dance-oriented mood they still preserve the improvisation feeling that characterizes the band. All sounds are strictly analogue.

~ by acidted on July 30, 2013.

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  1. “..but if you want to hear something that’ll really melt your brain out of its pure awesomeness, check out Robotnick’s “Analog Sessions” project, his collaboration with Ludus Pinksy. Just two old dudes in a cabin rocking out with a mountain of old-school analog gear. Shit is epic.” (James @ LostTurntable). Great minds blog alike, as someone said. I’ll never understand why these guys get far more recognition abroad than in their home country.

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