You know, you take one step. And then you take another. After a while you’ll find out you’re walking all by yourself


Here’s some folktronica for free download.

To be honest I’ve had this for a few days, uncertain whether to post it or not. In the end the rain made me post this in an effort to encourage the sun to return. It’s a sixties folk group set against summertime synth. Not sure I could handle too much of this – slightly too sugary – but in small doses it’s rather fine.

Blurb: Initially written off as just a sketch, Jacob Golden and Dusty Brown came back to finish the song after Scott Hansen (Tycho) insisted they put the track out in hearing the rough demo. Inspired by an old recording of a guitar loop Dusty recorded at the age of 17, this summertime collaboration creates a vision of a drum and bass show performed by a ’60s-era folk band. Featuring a broken organ, a hand-me-down SIEL DK-600 synth, and lots of tambourine.

~ by acidted on July 31, 2013.

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