Admiration is not love


Here are some remixes of Ultraista tunes. I’ve not featured Ultraista before because I can admire the approach but find it hard to love. Perhaps it’s the Radiohead connection.

Ultraista is the project of long-term Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, together with vocalist Laura Bettinson, and producer/drummer Joey Waronker (he worked on some of R.E.M’s stuff). The band’s music is similar to Radiohead’s more electronic ventures but also shares that slightly bloodless feeling I get from Radiohead.

What’s prompted this post is the quality of the remixers who have worked on Ultraista’s tunes and which are being released on a forthcoming album. Here are three remixes by Zero 7, Four Tet and Maribou State.

Zero 7 deliver something that starts a bit Massive Attack dark mogadon but unfolds into the richly delicate petals of a chocolate cosmos.

There’s also the ever-quirky Four Tet, giving Smalltalk a clicking and jangling cutlery remix.

Best of all are Maribou State, who turn Gold Dayzz into one of their lush production numbers 

Blurb: ‘Ultraísta Remixes’- the forthcoming album that compiles a year’s worth of remixes from friends and collaborators within the ever-expanding Ultraísta orbit. Whereas Ultraísta’s debut album commits to its sonic palette with uncanny precision and devotion, Remixes explodes its individual parts and reveals the group to be equally compelling as techno powerhouse (Four Tet, FaltyDL, dc sux), dark and delectable electro-pop (Zero 7, Zammuto, ERAAS), experimental dance (Prefuse 73, Nathan Fake, Matthew Herbert), and even driving industrial rock (David Lynch in an inspired NIN-meets-YYYs turn). The Vinyl version will include an alternate Canon Blue remix of ‘Party Line’. 

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~ by acidted on August 9, 2013.

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  1. If you put me on your Blogroll I promise to post 5 CJ Bolland EPs!!!


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