Make haste! The tide of Fortune soon ebbs


It’s a Sunday. It’s time for downtempo. Here’s Lo Tide (Sam Grieve) all the way from Tasmania to entertain you. I’ve always assumed that Tasmania was to Australia as the Isle of Wight is to England. But that may be over-simplifying. Let’s have a couple of tracks, one from his second labum and the other from his new EP. It’s all quirky offbeat electronics, shot through with dappled sunshine and a smidge of wistfulness.

Little Town is from the Out In The Wild album. It’s clicky electronics nestling around offbeat organ chords and eerie disembodied samples. Lovely listening.

Wade On In is from the Delivery Pending EP. This goes in a different direction with a bit of double bass funk organ and near-scat sampling.

Whole EP here:

My second album ‘Out in the Wild’ is out now on Audiokult (10 tracks, 5 featuring vocalists)…wild/id675004182
My new EP ‘Delivery Pending’ out now on Velcro City Records. 4 fresh tracks, one featuring Jack Preston on vocals.
Lo Tide has been further honing his sound after his debut album ‘More Than Reality’ was released. The album received a wide range of radio support from a variety of DJs and saw a number of the songs included on CD & Vinyl compilations. His latest songs demonstrate a depth and emotion that isn’t found all that often in the current market. 


~ by acidted on August 11, 2013.

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  1. Thanks very much for your kind words and support.

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