Astro Zu – Ma Body Sayin’/Space Wizard


You might remember we had some Astro Zu here a month ago and I said I wanted more. Here’s a new one, and it’s a free download. Downtempo oddness.

The free track (and indeed the new track) is My Body Sayin’ which is a wood xylophone-led downtempo tune, with what sounds like a Christina Aguilera sample (“My body sayin’” from Genie In A Bottle). That might sound like an explosion in a pop factory but it works remarkably well, mixing future bass and playful electronica.

Blurb: Astro Zu is Ronnie who lives in London. His unlikely story starts in the 1980’s at a commune in Staffordshire, where he was raised son to an astrologist Father and new-age yoga-teaching Mum. His childhood was defined by fantasy. With few friends to speak of, Ronnie would retreat into his imagination and conjure up a magical vision of another cosmic world far beyond the realm of this universe. There he would live for hours on end as the master of his domain: ‘Astro Zu’. As he grew up, the phase passed. Following his parent’s divorce he relocated to east London and soon found himself a new obsession: making music. Astro Zu sees Ronnie returning to his imaginary cosmos, this time to provide the soundtrack. It’s a project born from his love of Flying Lotus, 60’s psychedelia and 90’s RnB, once again bringing to life the often weird and fantastical world of his childhood.

~ by acidted on August 17, 2013.

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  1. […] quality comp includes tunes from Astro Zu and their downtempo oddness, guitar and soft electronics from Qtier, delicate stuff […]

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