Fall Out (Original Mix) – Naapo


Whatever will they think of next, Part 23. Indie tech house. Exsqueezeme?

Yup, that’s what Naapo (Joseph Nappo), a Melbourne based producer, is claiming. I dunno about the description but this is really nice. A slight techiness abounds, with some uplifting chords and some welcome swooshing. A low-key gem. This would sound great in dappled sunlight. Which is a bit of a shame, since it’s currently raining. Ah, the joy of the UK.

If any labels are reading, this could use a proper release.

And, to prove this isn’t a one-off, here’s another low key house affair – Bulb – which has a mix of languid beats and upliftingness.

~ by acidted on August 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “Fall Out (Original Mix) – Naapo”

  1. […] house remix from Aussie producer Naapo, who first appeared at Acid Ted back here. It’s a remix of a Kaskade tune but don’t let you put that off. Free […]

  2. […] Out is his signature track. First demoed last summer this is a lovely mix of indie sensibility and tech house bounce. A slight techiness abounds, with […]

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