Arek Zagdan – Hook Em Up EP


More funky house on Antonio Caballero’s Panama Red Records. Despite the Latinish sound, this is actually via Warsaw and Arek Zagdan.

The original mix is jump up house music, with a simple party vibe. But infectious quality stuff. The remixes include James O’s more bassy disco mix with just a little guitar riffing; Swell’s tech house dub, which is just a little too samey to really take off; and finally, Antonio Caballero’s version which should be great but ends up big room blankness. Here’s the original and James O version:

Blurb: Polish artist Arek Zagdan delivers some crucial house music with love from Warsaw for the always-dependable Panama Red label. This is funky, hot-as-summertime, deep house with great energy. The original, “Hook ‘Em Up, is accompanied by three high quality remixes from a trio of top notch US artists: Albuquerque producer James O, Portland’s Swell, and label owner Antonio Caballero – repping Chicago – closes out this superb package. Hook ‘Em Up – The original version of “Hook ‘Em Up” is a punchy daytime beach party cut with a catchy vocal line repeating the words “Hook ‘Em Up”. Fun and danceable with a solid groove, this is house music at its most irresistible. Hook ‘Em Up (James O’s Hooked Up Remix) – Tocayo Music’s James O takes a disco approach to his remix adding a chunky bass line and sexy guitar hook to the already catchy vocal line. This track is a beach party essential with plenty of heat for the summer crowds. Hook ‘Em Up (Swell’s Like Disco Dub) – Portland producer Kalven Swell takes a dubby tech-house approach with a distinct Chicago house vibe that takes the original deep into the late night zone. Hook ‘Em Up (Antonio Caballero Remix) – Panama Red owner Antonio Caballero brings some serious Chicago heat on his peak hour remix. This is big room house with attention to detail that should play well on the festival circuit. The big drums and driving bass line of this remix are evident right away. What isn’t, the subtle interplay of dynamics and the compact, stripped down nature that recalls the old Midwest approach to dance music.

~ by acidted on August 30, 2013.

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