We had a track from The Cutler’s Everything Is Touching Everything Else LP on Friday. The Cutler are SJ Cobby (of Fila Brazillia) and Pork. Here’s two long mixes from Steve Cobby of his work over the last 23 years.

He explains “A selection from ‘Cobby @ 23’, a retrospective set I’m currently dropping that’s culled exclusively from tracks produced or co-produced and written or co-written by me over the last 23 years.” This is nigh on 4 hours of downtempo music to enjoy.


The Speewah – Fila Brazillia
Tosh-Fluke – Nosh(Fila Brazillia remix)
Jerky- Fila Brazillia
Pots & Pans – Fila Brazillia
Brazilification – Fila Brazillia
Coati Mundi – Chieftain
Till Everyman Is Free – Chieftain
Trippin The Light Fantastic – J*S*T*A*R*S
Teach Yourself Braille – The Cutler
The Sermon – Ashley & Jackson
Decimated Coconut – Chieftain
Clam Bake – The Cutler (Darren Emerson remix)
Stick It In The Middle – J.J.Fuchs
That Hefty Track – J*S*T*A*R*S
Romulus & Remus – The Cutler (Richard Dorfmeister remix)
Bloodstream (inst)- North East Sound System
Spansules – J*S*T*A*R*S
Cotton Wool – Lamb ( Fila Brazillia remix)
The Truth – Truth Theme (Fila Brazillia remix)


The Light Of Jesus – Fila Brazillia
Decimated Coconut – Chieftain
Clam Bake – The Cutler (Darren Emerson mix)
Slacker – Fila Brazillia
Land Of Dope And Tory – The Solid Doctor
Ne Plus Ultra – White Dopes On Funk
Ether – The Solid Doctor
Romulus and Remus – The Cutler (Richard Dorfmeister mix)
Bullshit – Fila Brazillia
Ickey Plush – J*S*T*A*R*S
Spansules – J*S*T*A*R*S
Bend – The Egg/Fila Brazillia Remix
Citrus – Decoder
Didn’t Have A Clue – The Cutler (feat Andrew Taylor)
Samba 123 – ACR / Fila Brazillia mix
Underpuppy – Fila Brazillia
Howard Dan Ryan – Fila Brazillia
Wasted Blazer – Chieftain
Do My Thing – Busta Rhymes (Fila Brazillia mix 1)

And, while we’re here a lovely track from the new album to listen. Quite Rightly is the nearest to some of Fila Brazillia’s work, with its lush downtemponess:

~ by acidted on August 30, 2013.

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  1. cheers Ted

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