Melodule & Omni – Brothers & Filters EP


Blame Canada. Here’s a different kind of release from Melodule & Omni. It’s sort of breaks and sort of not. It’s sort of house and sort of not. All of which is kinda unhelpful as a description by me. Free download.

Brothers & Filters has a twangy approach like that in most breaks tunes but a more relaxed air. And a sample “There have been filters” which sounds like Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager. Don’t let that put non-Trekkies off. It’s a really good home listening tune. Break Your Spine is the free download tune. A bit harder and bassy. A bit more clearly breaks. Definite kitchen grooving material. There’s also a vocal edit of the tune, which means samples rather than a proper vocal. Makes it seem more spy thriller soundtrack. Flavour  is more synth-based, almost coming over like space-disco. And the EP should have ended here. The last two tracks are pretty disposable. Soul Driver is a groove looking for a melody. And Final Final simply an unfinished idea. Get the first four tracks, ignore the last two.

Free download – Break Your Spine (320kbps)

Blurb: Omni and Melodule have been collaborating musically for many years, but this EP is the first time that you get to hear the result. Both come out of their comfort zone on this release to bring you an eclectic blend of their influences and sounds that you cannot easily put a label on. Sometimes deeper, sometimes harder, but always original.

It is available on most major music download websites, including:

~ by acidted on August 30, 2013.

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