Everybody Jack


Never a fan of jacking house. But here’s Breach’s Jack, which seems to have been remixed by all and sundry. Here are three remixes to sample. Free downloads.

First, the original. It say “Jack“. A lot. Like all the time. Set against a minimal backing, that I assume is supposed to be sexy. But I’m too old for that sort of thing. Merely dull to my ears. But, clearly, others disagree.

Download on iTunes: smarturl.it/BreachJack

First up for the remixers, Thando (previously here). He gives it a proper house setting in which to operate. Even gives it a NYC flavour with a little trumpet. Much more dance floor material. Really like this version.

Next, Codes give it a light electro rinsing. Vastly reduces the number of “jacks” per min. Which is good. Codes say “This new one came together with me taking some elements from some of my favorite classics and melting them into a rubber band ball of styles called Brooklyn Bounce.” I have no idea what that all means.

free download here: bit.ly/codesjackapp

Lastly, Tittsworth go tech house. The key word here is “tasteful”, which sadly in tech house terms ends up as synonymous with kinda dull and samey.

Free Download on.fb.me/12E4uyD

Blurb: Claude VonStroke: “I had dinner with Breach in London and he told me ‘Hey, I have a track that is really dirtybird. I would put it out but its really sounding right for you guys.’ I took this with a grain of salt but then I heard “Let’s Get Hot” and I found out he was right. It’s got the swagger and the sound. It makes girls grind their asses into boys crotches on the dancefloor. Perfect. Signed. So I then asked him to make something even more sexual, thinking it would be ages before I got something back. 10 days later the A-side came back to me as a 2 minute clip while i was on the train to warehouse project in Manchester. I liked it so much that i edited it on the train to stretch it out to 5 minute. As expected, it slayed the room and the final version Breach has delivered is one of the best records of the year in my opinion. With the simple title of “Jack” you can see for yourself when you play it. This is the real deal.

~ by acidted on August 31, 2013.

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