Southern acid


Although in this case, Southern is a reference to South America. We’ve had stuff from Argentina before but not acid techno from Paraguay. Here’s trio LPZ’s Think For Yourself EP. Includes a free download.

The title track – Think For Yourself – is a major statement. It’s a dark, positively European-sounding 90s type track, with a strong case of 303s. Even sounds a bit like some Quadrastate era 808 State towards the end. The track then gets a remix by Posthuman, who takes things a little bassier and ups the acid sounds. Council Fonk is the hidden gem here. A much more contemporary sound, with a little sax and a load of techno funk. The free download is Without You, which takes things down a more restrained Detroit-sounding alley.

Blurb: It’s been a busy 12 months for trans-Atlantic Paraguayan trio LPZ since their debut EP, ‘1983’ was released to widespread acclaim, landing the ‘Disco Single of the Month’ award in DJ Mag and was featured online everywhere from XLR8R and Dazed Digital to Gotta Dance Dirty and Discobelle. In the intervening months they’ve released another well received 12” on Loungin’ Recordings and remixed the likes of The Herbaliser, Compuphonic (Get Physical) and LOGO (Kitsune), finally though they return to Body Work with a brand new 4 track EP, ‘Think For Yourself’. Kicking things off with the title track and it’s a side of LPZ we haven’t seen before, straight up 303’s blazing acid house, as raw, untamed and exciting as anything released on Relief back in the 90s and the perfect soundtrack to a late night in a smoke filled warehouse (preferably one that isn’t on fire of course). Next up is ‘Council Fonk’ a track that even before it had been mastered or promo’ed had found its way into Maya Jane Coles sets and her Essential Mix. It’s easy to see why too, with its shuffling beats that manage to be both funky and kick like a mule and melodies that echo off into space it’s destined to form the backbone of countless DJs sets this summer. Next up we have ‘Without You’ which could well prove to be the EPs secret weapon, stripped back and minimal, it’s not as in your face as ‘Think For Yourself’ but over the course of its 6 minutes continues to build and build, until the yearning vocal snippets, bubbling bass line and no nonsense beats all combine to create something extra special. To complete the package Body Work have enlisted another new signing, Posthuman, to remix ‘Think For Yourself’. Ahead of the release of their own EP and fresh from 12”s on labels such as Tusk Wax and RSI, Posthuman inject a dose of cold machine funk into the track. If the original is like a suped up muscle car, all raw barely contained power, then Posthuman’s remix is the equivalent of a Maserati, precision engineered and harnessed for maximum efficiency. Walnut dash optional.

~ by acidted on August 31, 2013.

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