Everyone Is Remixing Everyone Else


Actually, the album title is Everyone Is Remixing Everything Else, and it’s the new LP from The Cutler, out at the end of the month. Has a really interesting assemblage of remixers, from Darren Emerson to Tranquility Bass to Gavin Hardkiss.

The album is largely a remix of this year’s Everything Is Touching Everything Else from which we’ve had a number of tracks over the past few months. Remix LPs can be hit and miss affairs, often containing filler or tracks which are incoherent one with another. Not this time. This album is easily the equal of the original – not just because of the names of those involved (though that’s reason enough) but because of the quality of the remixes they’ve turned in. Highly recommended.

Darren Emerson opens the LP with his remix of Clam Bake, turning in a cracking 8 minute leftfield house track, which crackles and throbs with dance floor vibes. Richard Dorfmeister then does his luscious downtempo dub thing on Romulus & Remus, with the echo turned up to 11. A sultry remix, which also turns up in a dub version. Gavin Hardkiss brings some West Coast laziness to Moscow Dynamite. Mark Brydon (Moloko) takes Clamour into impossible heartache territory. Mr Beasley also takes on Romulus & Remus. Wisely, he doesn’t attempt something similar to Dorfmeister, rather he slows things even further as the track gets released into cold outer space.

I didn’t know Mike Kandel (Tranquility Bass) was still operating. His take on Tell Me Why is far less stoned than his 90s work would have me expect. Like Darren Emerson, he takes his remix furthest from the original and nearest to something completely new. This is a wide-eyed ambient track, looking up at the stars. Lovely. Mark Rae also has a go at Moscow Dynamite, giving it a scuzzy downtempo hip hop influenced remix. Probably the tracvk that most closely matched what you’d expect from the Rae & Christian days. Robin Guthrie ends the LP with a remix of Quantum Entanglement that is perfect for those come down moments. Everything throbs but in a gentle manner, before unfolding into a remix based around delicate guitar and phased effects in a lush Cocteau-like whole. Restful.

1. Clam Bake : Darren Emerson mix
2. Romulus & Remus : Richard Dorfmeister mix
3. Moscow Dynamite : Gavin Hardkiss mix
4. Clamour : Mark Brydon mix
5. Romulus & Remus : Mr Beasley mix
6. OFGB : Pete Lazonby mix
7. Tell Me Why : Tranquility Bass mix
8. Moscow Dynamite : Mark Rae mix
9. Revolution : Unforscene mix
10. Romulus & Remus : Richard Dorfmeister dub mix
11. Quantum Entanglement : Robin Guthrie mix

Original tracks by The Cutler, from the LP Everything Is Touching Everything Else; except ‘Clamour’ from the untitled 4th LP and ‘Revolution’ from The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things.

~ by acidted on September 6, 2013.

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