Le Carousel remixed


Here’s a remix LP (are they suddenly popular again or what?) from Phil Kieran with a fantastic set of remixers. They include the legendary Andrew Weatherall, the nearly-as-legendary David Holmes and my current bromance favourite Max Cooper. The album’s out on 23 September. Free mix to download.

Let’s start with the bad news. The Weatherall remix is not a new one. I reviewed it here back in January when I said it was a bit of a chugger and that “It wheezes and wheeshes at the start like something from Thomas The Tank Engine before getting into a robotic motorik stride with vocals that have a breathy Depeche Mode quality.” It’s for those who like his TLS / motorik work.  On the up side, David Holmes (who’s been pretty quiet recently) turns in a remix of Carousel that softly twinkles like stars. This is a kind of dance floor shoegaze.

Max Cooper also takes a low key approach, with something that emphasises heart ache and alienation. Starts with a bit less of the crisp detachment and scientific approach than is usual in his work. But part way through everything organic implodes into itself and all that is left is crystaline structures. Quite a transformation. One of the nicest surprises here is Roel Hoogendoorn’s remix. He might be on Traum but I’d not heard anything by him before. He turns in a quite astonishing remix of Saviour. Although it retains the vocal from Phil, the remix is a brilliant marriage of low-key guitar and softly gorgeous electronics. This remix is filled with hope and nascent happiness.

Ivan Smagge gives a downbeat, driving remix to Away, emphasising the hopelessness of the lyrics. Felix Martin (Hot Chip) gives a Hot Chip kind of remix to Broken. The album ends with Jesse Somfay’s remix of Forget Me Not. I’d never heard of the Canadian before. But he’s another of the album’s nice surprises, delivering an unsettlingly ambient reemix that blends original and vocodered  vocals into a blend that keeps the track permanently off-balance.

This is a good album, rather than a great one. But amongst the tracks there are some real stars, especialy Max Cooper, Roel Hoogendoorn, David Holmes and Jesse Somfay.

Track list:
1 lose your love  – Andrew Weatherall
2 good times  – Phil Kieran
3 carousel – David Holmes
4 lost years – Max Cooper
5 winter months _ The Hacker
6 saviour – Roel Hoogendoorn
7 away- Ivan Smagghe
8 stick together – Phil Kieran
9 broken – felix martin ( Hot Chip )
10 forget me not – Jesse Somfay

And the free mix Enter Week8 Phil Kieran Live from Sakebar Ibiza (3 hours worth)

Blurb: Le Carousel is the new band project from acclaimed Belfast DJ/recording artist Phil Kieran. A DJ with an international reputation, Kieran is also renowned for his techno productions on dance labels including Soma, NovaMute and Bugged Out! In the mid-noughties Kieran formed punk/hardcore act Alloy Mental, who released the album ‘We Have Control’ on Skint Records in 2007. He followed this with the amazingly diverse solo electronic album, ‘Shh’, for Sven Vath’s venerated Cocoon label in 2009. Le Carousel The Remix Album

They came to dance: Le Carousel The Remix Album is the club friendly version. Remixes of each track on the album by techno legends and talents, Phil’s peers and his inspiration. The tracks have been ruthlessly selected by Phil Kieran so that it flows like a fine D.J. Set.

Many great remixes were left out because they didn’t quite fit, but then again that’s the standard we all expect from PKR. The result is astonishing, it both stands proudly on its own two feet and as a nod to the original Le Carousel, enhancing rather than imitating its sound. The honours go to Andrew Weatherall, David Holmes, Max Cooper, The Hacker, Roel Hoogendoorn, Ivan Smagghe, Felix Martin, Jesse Somfay and Phil himself. Buy it with the original album or on its own, either way it’s a stone cold classic.


~ by acidted on September 7, 2013.

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