Kaiser Souzai – RUSTY


Those chaps who did that cover of Laurent Garnier’s The Man With A Red Face are back with a new original – Rusty. Free mixtape to download.

Dunno what the owl has to do with anything but Rusty comes in Dayowl and Nightowl versions. Dayowl is a funky bit of deep tech house, with those over-slo vocals. Nightowl is a bit deeper, a bit buzzier and a bit more mogadon-ed out. Both are quality tracks.



The mixtape includes the nightowl mix of Rusty:


1. Breach – Let’s Get Hot (Original Mix)
2. Hot Since 82 – Like You (Original Mix)
3. Dennis Ferrer, Janelle Kroll – Mind Ur Step (DF Dub)
4. Josh Butler – Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix, Pleasurekraft Edit)
5. Hot Since 82 – Knee Deep in Louise (Original Mix)
6. Kaiser Souzai – Rusty (Nightowl Mix)
7. Kevin Over – Hood Funk (Original Mix)
8. Sidney Charles – Ruffline (Original Mix)
9. Hector Couto & Cuartero – Juke Box (Original Mix)
10. Piemont – Jump Off (Hollen Remix)
11. ThermalBear – Make Rekkids (Original Mix)
12. Paul Woolford – Untitled (Original Mix)

Blurb: Summer is leaving, the days are gettings moodier and darker and so is the sound of Kaiser Souzais latest release on BluFin. “Rusty” comes with a witty baseline, darker vocals , a slow moving beat and wide chord shots in their “Night owl” mix version. The “Dayowl” version delivers a more up tech beat concept for peak time situations, but both anticipates the the foggy autumn time of year. Let the moody days reign our lives and dance.

~ by acidted on September 13, 2013.

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