Deeper end 3 – the dj mix-by dj liquid light


A DJ mix for free download of tracks from the forthcoming Deeper End 3 compilation on Blue Bass Recordings. It’s all relaxing deep house tunes. All very pleasant, though I sometimes struggle to distinguish tracks one from another.

Buy now from  beatport , itunes and other online stores.

Blurb: A mixed version of “Deeper End 3” compilation release.Mixed by dj liquid light. Will be available on download stores on September 16 from Blue Bass recs. [ ] Deeper end 3 is an 11 track compilation from Blue Bass records from the label’s latest catalogue as well as some back cataogue underground music plus a couple of unreleased mixes. Music from liquid light,Ivayo,SMS,mikele & Phase Mr,Fiji and others shape an electronic dance sound with depth and dimension. From the exotic flavoured dubby tech house of liquid light’s “Dub darvish” to deep progression of SMS’ “Hexagram” and the emotional tech mood of Fiji’s “Funny”,Deeper end 3 stays atmospheric and deep without loosing the dancefloor vibe diffusing into a spectrum of quality dance music production.Deep chords & progression,percussive dubby rhythms and a sublime feeling of deepness round up a fine blend of underground electronic dance music.


~ by acidted on September 22, 2013.

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