Ruben Brundell & Leav – Told You EP


New one on Swedish house label 12-3 Recordings, this time combining the talents of Ruben Brundell and Leav.

Told You is classy house, built round a deep bass and vocal sample. Smoooooth. Soundlike takes things a little dubby, with the synth stabs but they slightly conflict with the choppy vocal sample. Waves is a lovely home listening tune. All xylophone-like chops and ‘lost’ vocal moans, with a bass line to die for. Gorgeous. The EP ends with an extended version of Told You, which retains the original template but simply makes it longer. Not quite the exceptional EP I expected, with only Waves truly being more than the sum of the parts.

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About: The Told You Ep sees Leav and Ruben Brundell in a mighty combo for the first time, three pieces of splendid house music being the result of this powerful alliance. This is what’s up: The title track gets the job done, built round a lovely lead/vocal hook combo, this is the first track to come out of the project, the obvious A-side to the release. Soundlike started out with a pristine bassline and edgy vocal cut, and ended up a jumbo-sized, dubby house affaire, sprinkled with some sweet-flavored Rhodes-stabs. Waves is the third brainchild of the Jonas/Ruben-fusion, a dreamy piece of music resting on a voluminous pad and those simple yet challenging stabs. Finally, the extended mix of Told You ends the ep as a little DJ-treat. Enjoy this first release from the two, and expect more to come.

Released by: 12-3 Recordings

~ by acidted on September 26, 2013.

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