Koett – Lost Time


Summat on the normally interesting Atomnation label. Koett is the solo vehicle for Russia’s Alexander Tochilkin. This is groovy 60s jazz funkiness on the original, plus two remixes. Free download.

The original mix of Lost Time is proper 60s hipster music. A little goatee. But done so well, you can’t help but give yourself up to the flutiness of it all. The remixes come from Monokle and Sau Poler. The Monokle remix comes over like a cross between Saint Germain x Mr Scruff x Red Snapper. The Sau Poler remix is the pick of the pair. It celebrates the flute woven into a deep burpy bass and some background strings.  Break out the black polo-neck, I’m coming in.

Free download: http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2013/09/lost-time-sau-poler-remix


Blurb: Some of the most pleasing and important work done in the Russian the electronica scene over the last few years has come from Krasnodar, located in the nation’s (sunny) south. A key player in that scene has been Alexander Tochilkin, who’s been part of Fuselab, one of Russia’s finest labels. Tochilikin has moved through a number of ensembles as wellsince 2005 including Feldmaus, Modul and Wols. Since 2013, Tochilkin is releasing music for his new solo project: Koett. Koett can be described as jazzy, cinematic, acoustic yet very analog and electronic. It is actually very house influenced as well, but not in a way it is done before. We’d like to say Koett sounds as surreal as the artwork of the record looks, created by Alex Coll. “Lost Time” is the single of Koett’s forthcoming album “Golden Peak”, which is scheduled to release in November. A fantastic full length album filled with music of Tochilkin’s Surrealistic style. But first the single. For this one we have remixes by Saint Petersburg based Monokle and by our man Sau Poler, who released his debut EP earlier this year with us.

~ by acidted on September 28, 2013.

2 Responses to “Koett – Lost Time”

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