East Edwards – Dawn


Sunday morning. Coffee’s brewed (Ethiopian, thanks for asking). As the aroma fills the kitchen, it must be time for a little synth pop. Free download.

East Edwards is a new producer from Chicago. He considers his stuff to be in the “synth/chillwave/glo-fi category“. Glo-fi? Whatever. Let’s focus on Dawn. This is a brief instrumental. There’s a little lapping of waves and a slight squiggle of almost acid sounds. But the overall mood is pleasantly relaxed. This is rather lovely. You might want to check out his other work but beware that is more vocal and akin to very early Depeche Mode.


~ by acidted on September 29, 2013.

2 Responses to “East Edwards – Dawn”

  1. Right got me a Columbian coffee and listened to this little synth gem. Thanks for making me start this sunday.

  2. I enjoyed that too- Glo-fi indeed

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