Dominic Ridgway – Wallee Needs Therapy


Something a bit different on Diffrent. Dominic Ridgway’s single is drum and bass. But it also isn’t. There’s something IDM and ambient about it. It doesn’t comply with usual D&B norms. And it’s all the better for that. A little late night bleeping bass and crinkle-cut hi-hats for you,

Blurb: Dominic Ridgway is no new-comer to Diffrent, with several plays from the label crew on the GiraffeCast, mix-tapes and DJ sets. Dominic has entered a new unchartered territory this year bringing his top quality production together with some outrageous groove’s and drum swings and generally the funkiest of the girrafestep sound on road. This is his first single with Diffrent, and expect many more offerings from the London based artist. The first track on this single, titled “Wallee Needs Therapy”, (you’ll have to catch up with Dominic to find out what the title really means) starts off with a fresh, mellow vibe that builds up into a really catchy, feel good vibe, the bass is real warm and the crisp half time beats layered with subtle sound effects and percussion take you into some level of hypnotism. This release will be available as a digital promo a fortnight before the official release date via the Different Music merch store ( ) then on all other stores from 21st October.

~ by acidted on October 3, 2013.

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