Larry Jefferson – When That Day Comes EP


Super excited about this release. It’s Acid Ted’s favourite Detroit channeling northerner, Larry Jefferson, with a new release. And, it’s out on lovely Scandie label 12-3 Recordings. Go buy. This is excellent.

Each of the tracks is very precise. There’s nothing messy in Larry’s Detroit techno world. Acid is always present. Sometimes in the foreground, sometimes remaining in the shadows. I assume this is all digital but it has a lush analogue warmth. When That Day Comes is soft acid techno, rounded out with little bits of spicey house piano chords. There’s acid squiggling to remind you that this is a dance floor tune. Over The Bridge at Whitby  is pastoral acid house. Really reminds me of the marvelous Ultramarine from the early 90s. Takes acid somewhere totally different. The EP closer is Lost Summers. This is the only track without the acid squiggles. A slightly downbeat tune, with far off children playing. Perfectly moody. A bit Carl Craig. Gorgeous EP.

About: Meticulous and warmhearted, Larry Jefferson makes his debut on 12-3 with three brilliant tracks carefully picked from his “Space Missions Are Lame Now Project”, re-packaged in the EP format for our humble label. We’re unbelievably proud and extremely fortunate to be able to release music of this caliber. Deeply rooted in something most people would describe as old school, Larry Jefferson gives us productions that feel recognizable yet unique and inventive. Food for thought and soul.

~ by acidted on October 3, 2013.

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