Fields – On Your Own


New EP from Fields, who has only previously featured here along with Mako and Villem. Let’s see what kind of drum and bass he can do. Free mixape to download.

On Your Own allows itself the luxury of a choral intro before breaking out the razor sharps beats and sub-bass. There’s something incredibly edgy about this track. Colours is somehow a bit more laid back. Not quite so hyper. Hardly music for chilling but that’s how it feels, after On Your Own. There’s something slightly disengaged about this. Not quite the effortlessly brilliant release you’d expect from Utopia.

On Your Own


And the free mixtape Utopia Podcast 002 Mixed By Mako, which includes Colours:

?? – ?? (??)
Andy skopes and Mr Joesph – Stalker (??) and Pennygiles – Set Theory (??)
DLR – Trading Places (forthcoming Horizons)
Mikal and Nymfo – Clear (forthcoming Metalheadz)
?? – ?? (forthcoming Utopia Music)
?? – ??
?? – ?? (forthcoming Metalheadz)
?? – ??
Fields – Colours (forthcoming Utopia Music)
Mako – Hungry for Lies (forthcoming Horizons)
Mako, Villem, DLR and Ant TC1 – Hungry for Atmosphere (forthcoming Metalheadz)
?? – ?? (forthcoming Dispatch)
Break and DLR – We’ll See (forthcoming Dispatch)
Break, Fields, Mako and Villem – Shadowlines (forthcoming Utopia Music)
Naibu – Comfort Zone (forthcoming Horizons)
?? – ?? (??)
?? – ?? (forthcoming Utopia Music)
Snow Ghosts – The Hunted (Houndstooth)

Blurb: Fields is the only Utopia artist to have 2 solo vinyls, and now it is time for his third.  Championed by the likes of Break, Calyx and Goldie, ‘On Your Own’ is rugged yet snappy piece of bass music.  Going for a wooden not plastic approach, it combines classic hip hop vocals with new age bass work. The flip is the best stepper yet on Utopia and has the funk, which is hard for most 2 steppers.  The interchange of bass and mid tones creates an infectious groove perfect for the dancefloor. 


~ by acidted on October 4, 2013.

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