Freestyle Forever (Housestyle Mix)


New Todd Terry album. It’s freestyle – whatever that is. I only know the swimming stroke. But it has lots of blast-from-the-past vocals, including Shannon.

Here’s an album mix by Todd Terry. This may be accompanied by one of the worst sleeves I’ve seen in a very long while (bargain bucket fodder) but the music is classic old school vocal house.

1.”Love Doctor” Todd Terry featuring Chioma 126bpm

2.”Turn It Up” Todd Terry featuring Shannon 119bpm

3.”Dreamer” Todd Terry featuring Charley Paige 110bpm

4.”Destination” Todd Terry featuring Eliki 115bpm

5.”Be With you Tonight” Todd Terry featuring Jill Tirrell 117.8bpm

6.”You And Me” Todd Terry featuring Scarlett Santana 118bpm

7.”Last Forever” Todd Terry 118bpm

8.”Take It All The Way” Tony Moran and Todd Terry 127bpm

9.”Love Never Dies” Burrell Brothers 120bpm

10.”Affection” Todd Terry featuring Kelly Sajda 116bpm

11.”Lovers” Todd Terry featuring Opera Steve 126bpm

12.”Altight Alright” Todd Terry 122bpm

Blurb: Todd Terry has produced some of the most memorable freestyle classics of all time like Coro’s “Where Are You Tonight” and Giggles’ “Love Letter”. Now he’s bringing new life to this genre with an all new album. Todd wrote the tracks and assembled a collection of newcomers and veterans such as Shannon (Let The Music Play) and Tony Moran (member of Latin Rascals) to add the vocals to these tracks. Freestyle for 2013!

~ by acidted on October 8, 2013.

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