Phonogenic – Super Sagan


Flumo Recordings have been a bit quiet of late but they’re back with a new release – Tulio EP – from Phonogenic. Mutated deep house.

Phonogenic (Tuomas Salmela) is from Finland. The title track is a slightly dull tech house track. It’s a bit better when remixed by El_Txef_A. But the saving grace on this EP is Super Sagan. No idea if it’s meant as a paean to Carl but it’s a fabulous piece of mutated deep house. The basic smoothness of deep house is given a Detroit crispness and then gently launched into space by whoo whoo booster synths operating in the background. This drifts the track into an almost cosmic disco place. Perfect for when you’re next drifting in space.

Clips of the rest of the EP here:

Blurb: Flumo Recordings restarts the Flumo Limited series after a year’s break, releasing Flumo Limited 003 on both vinyl and digital formats. And this time, under the supervision of one of Europe’s most important producers, Finn, Tuomas Salmela, also known as PhonogenicPhonogenic, who already has more than 30 releases nn labels as prestigious as 20:20 Vision, Turbo, Moodmusic and Guidance, picks up the torch from Dixie Yure in the third delivery of the Flumo Limited series. The 12” is comprised of two tracks, an original from Phonogenic and a remix from one of the Spain’s most renowned artists, El Txef A, plus a third piece which will only be available on the digital edition. The title track, Tulio, has an hypnotic beauty, and demonstrates in its eight minutes all the skills of our Finnish man: constant groove, exquisite aquatic me- lodies, and a taste for expansive modulation; creating epic from beginning to end. That epic, in the hands of El Txef A, takes an unexpec- ted turn towards gloomier realms. Far from his deli- cate compositions, the Basque producer transforms Tulio into a double odyssey: commencing his version with a dubbed atmosphere, gradually developing into a funk-flavoured, tech house orgy. A perfect, peakti- me track for DJs. On, Super Sagan, the last track on the 12”, Phonoge- nic builds a piece of mutant house around a subtle melody, with resonant, omnipresent effect. The digital edition of this EP also includes “Heavy Weather”, a new plot twist of deep house sound byPhonogenic, clearly influenced by the Motor City.


~ by acidted on October 14, 2013.

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