The Scientist – The Bee (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)


Breakbeat classic from 1990 gets a 2002 funky house update. And, Q-BAM has made it a free download.

Every once in a while I like to ignore the oppressive mass of unread emails in my inbox and browse around t’internet for myself. The digital equivalent of crate digging, I guess. I went back to the work of a number of 90s folk. In amongst this gentle way to idle an afternoon was one of my late 90s favourites Q-Burns Abstract Message (more here). And hidden way, way back in his soundcloud was this little gem, which I’d never come across before.

It’s a great funky house spin on an early rave breakbeat classic (more on The Scientist here) which felt as though it deserved a bit more love than it was getting. But there was no explanation as to how this remix came about, Being ever the gent, Q-BAM reveals “This is an unreleased remix of the rave classic “The Bee” by The Scientist, commissioned by the Kickin label around 2002, but sadly never used. The label didn’t have the stems so I remixed it from the song master, ‘re-edit’ stylee. The idea, I believe (those years are a bit fuzzy), was to translate the track into that funky house sound that was prevalent in the early ’00s.” The track still has the breakbeat elements in some of the beats, the rave whoops and the buzzing of the bee. Otherwise, the main beats are more 4/4 friendly and chunkier than most of those early 90s productions managed.

And, if you don’t know Q-BAM’s work, you really ought to have his Feng Shui album

~ by acidted on October 16, 2013.

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  1. WOOT!

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