Please Welcome Compilation


Please Welcome. Such a nice name for a compilation. And it’s by those nice people at Starquake Records. Go to this page for a free download.

Noizyknobs (I mean, rilly. Get another name chaps) come on with some primitive acid techno. Just the thing if you’re off your face at 3am (so I’m led to believe). Sonambient isn’t ambient. This funky synth house and easily the better track. Funks along, even with a bit of soul vocal spliced in.  Groovalicious.

Blurb: Please welcome Sonambient and Noizyknobs ! These two artists are the brand new signings of Starquake Records team and, in order to introduce them, we decided to release a 2-singles-compilation without any notice. The Noizyknobs come from a side project of Brandumize, and disclose their pounding “Kaskad Groma”; Sonambient, who comes from his astonishing debut album, “Remnant”, on Megaphone Music, shows off his dancefloor skills with “Reiterate”. Two very different projects, but both quite danceable and with a tasty old-school flavor. Download it for free and welcome both of them!


~ by acidted on October 19, 2013.

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