This should be in the Now What’s He Done series. Not content with Madonna and Simon & Garfunkel, Luxxury is trying to remix the Bee Gees. Can it get any lower? Unbelievably, this comes across quite well. The Bee Gees get a dubbed out feel, the strings and bass carrying things along. Free download.

Blurb: The LUXXURY edit series is a series of dubby edits highlighting buried gold in the original multitracks for a bunch of classic tunes. Avoiding using any (or too many) modern production tricks like filter sweeps, drops etc. to keep them sort of timeless sounding, these are dubby slow disco versions of familar tunes, the sort of thing you might hear at sunrise in a Poolside, James Murphy, Psychemagik or Greg Wilson type DJ set. They also feature relatively obvious tracks in hopes of making the familiar more exciting again by unearthing unexpected treasure…like, who knew how sickkk that Foreigner bassline was? Launched in July 2013 with Madonna “Vogue (Luxxury edit)”, the series has already gotten support from Junior Sanchez, Goldroom and Greg Wilson. There are currently 12 edits in the series (including “Once in a Lifetime”, “Sound of Silence”, “Rapture” and even “Hotel California”) with more to come, every 3 weeks, until I get tired of doing it.

For more, follow and @luxxury on Twitter.

~ by acidted on October 22, 2013.


  1. Sweet.

  2. […] another Luxxury edit. At least the source is impeccable this time, rather than The Bee Gees, Madonna or Simon & Garfunkel. It’s The Clash. Shame that the edit is of Rock The Casbah, […]

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