crx091081gb – Yellowcake (Andy’s Ambient Acid)


crx091081gb (or Andy as I can’t be bothered with odd letter/number combinations) promises me ambient / doom end of acid. Yum. Doesn’t disappoint. High quality, melancholic, pastoral acid techno. This guides you in and keeps you captivated in its analogue wonderousness.




~ by acidted on October 23, 2013.

4 Responses to “crx091081gb – Yellowcake (Andy’s Ambient Acid)”

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  2. […] for example. And, now, this one – sorry it’s a late post. crx091081gb (previously here) is back with some more acid techno. Largely avoids Halloween cliches, apart from the deranged […]

  3. […] R Ashcroft and his Choral Neats track. Now, it’s had a remix from CRX091081GB (previously here). This matches the ambition of the original 11 minute track by turning in an 11 minute […]

  4. […] to bed. Here’s a live set of pastoral acid from crx091081gb (Robin Price – previously here). Free download. There’s more than a little of wondrous 90s act Ultramarine […]

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