Deep Theory – Ruminate


Ruminate’s a lovely word. Even a bit onomatopoeic. Deep Theory’s Ruminate is a classy future bass dubplate.

Deep Theory is DJ/producer Zack Sadeq. There wasn’t much info, But he has said “Not much to say about me…Just a working class kid who really enjoys making beats. Started out making Hip-Hop locally. Had some very small successes in the UK making Electro House, the release is still out in stores if anyone feels like digging it up. Went through a bit of a Dave Spoon-esque disillusionment with so-called EDM. That was about two years ago, since then I’ve really been going back to my roots, exploring my love for Garage & House— making music I enjoy really.”

In the track, it’s the garage that comes through. There’s found sound, with sampled laughter counterpointing a simple synth refrain. The bass goes on in the background with some relatively unobtrusive beats. It’s all so laid back it’s nearly ambient. Only problem is the lack of a download. Zack says “It was built from the ground up around the kick and sub. Mostly everything has been made from scratch. The drums have been layered and processed. The spaced-out foley you hear in the background was field recorded from a local jazz night, the bits of laughter are actually an ex-girlfriend with a bit of delay and verb.”

Because he’s from North Carolina I thought I’d ask about barbecue recipes. But he’s not giving much away “In terms of BBQ…good luck ever getting some one to give up there sauce recipe haha. What I can tell you though is the key to NC BBQ is the slowwwww cooking on lowwww temps. Many of the guys I’ve seen do it have their hogs on the pit for sometimes up to 24 hrs and I doubt the temp ever really gets about 200 F!

~ by acidted on October 28, 2013.

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