Fini Tribe @ 25


In the annals of the sound of Young Scotland, too much emphasis is laid, in my book, on jingly jangly guitar music. Men wearing nappies and white shorts doing art-rock dance music deserve acclaim just as much – not least if your back catalogue includes a bona fides Balearic classic. It’s therefore a pleasure that Finitribe’s DeTestimony is getting a re-release, with new remixes, in January.

DeTestimony is being released on limited edition 12” vinyl on 20 January, followed by a digital edition one month later – the complete package of both formats will feature brand new mixes by Justin Robertson, Optimo, Robot 84, John Vick, Graeme Massey 808 State, Tauchsieder.

A quick re-cap on Finitribe care of Wiki: Finitribe was a dance music band from Edinburgh, Scotland. The group is sometimes also referred to as Fini Tribe. The name was taken from finny tribe, a term used by the Rosicrucians to describe the fishes.

They began in the mid 1980s as Gallery Macabre, an experimental guitar band, before moving into a sample based dance style, setting up their independent Finiflex label, playing live and recording as funds allowed. Following a period on Chicago’s Wax Trax, and the limited release of two twelve-inch singles, the band restructured with the departure of some band members and migration of vocalist Chris Connelly to join the Ministry/Revolting Cocks crew.

Based on the dancefloor success of the track “Detestimony” from the 1986 “Let the Tribe Grow” EP, the remaining members became a more dance-oriented act signing to One Little Indian. The label was then home of The Shamen, a group which had undergone a similar transition from guitar rock to dance music, although Finitribe never approached The Shamen’s considerable commercial impact. The group had minor mainstream success with dance mixes of the tracks “101″ and “Forevergreen” from their 1992 album, An Unexpected Groovy Treat. The follow up LP Sheigra failed to meet with the same success despite critical acclaim. In 1996, the group, slimmed down to Miller and Pinsky with a collection of vocal collaborators, released a final album Sleazy Listening, in a drum and bass/trip-hop style, in 1998.

I have to say that I preferred their early 90s sound, which revolved around the UGT album and a house sound. But their undisputed classic is DeTestimony. Released in 1986, it really came into its own in the late 80s when it was adopted as part of the Balearic Sound by clubbers returning from Ibiza. It appeared on the seminal Balearic Beats album. It’s a track out of step from much of the mid-80s. It takes on burgeoning dance music beats, a little bit of New Beat and then whangs a load of bells all over the track. No wonder people had epiphanies to this. The photo is from Frenchbloke and there’ll be more from him and his remix with Tauchsieder on Monday.

Blurb: The 12″  vinyl format of the single is limited to 300 copies . Full colour sleeve , 180gm with sleeve notes by Irvine Welsh. It will be released on 20th January on our own FFFT label distributed by Republic of Music . Available in all the wonderful remaining good record shops.


~ by acidted on November 16, 2013.

2 Responses to “Fini Tribe @ 25”

  1. Good news indeed. The Tribe has always been vastly underrated. Like you, I also favor their material from the OLI era, although “Sleazy Listening” ain’t bad. Thanks Ted.

  2. […] Yesterday, we had news of the re-release of Finitribe’s DeTestimony, including the remix by Tauchsieder. That’s coming tomorrow. But in advance of that, some Tauchsieder for free download, and a teaser about the Finitribe remix from Ben Soundhog, one-third of Tauchsieder. […]

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