Tauchsieder – Louder


Yesterday, we had news of the re-release of Finitribe’s DeTestimony, including the remix by Tauchsieder. That’s coming tomorrow. But in advance of that, some Tauchsieder for free download, and a teaser about the Finitribe remix from Ben Soundhog, one-third of Tauchsieder.

I could have sworn I did a post on Tauchsieder back in the day. But I can’t find it. I’m therefore going to remedy that now. Tauchsieder (German for ‘immersion heater’) were Frenchbloke (Stuart Mclean), Ben Soundhog and Innes (Cnut). They produced one album in 2007 – Louder (they did also have a prior release – Quiet – but that was online only). Being contrary types this (a) was one of the quietest albums ever; and (b) sold bugger all, even though I saw it for sale in a range of places, including HMV. I’m therefore probably in the strange position of being the largest single purchaser, since I got 3 copies.

Anyway, the music. It sounded out of time even then. It was an album for a start. And the decline of listening to an album was already apparent then. And, it was wilfully different from anything else at the time. It had more in common with some of the Skam/Warp artists of the early 90s. It was full of strange found sound, hissing and drawn out tones. There wasn’t a melody to be had in the whole album. It was the sound of ice forming in your freezer, with the humming of the motor as light relief. It was therefore brilliant. You really ought to give it a listen, download, and contemplate the futility of your existence. The CD itself came with this laconic message around the outside “Unlawful and unauthorised duplication is to be expected. This recording will inevitably be available via P2P, BitTorrent, Russian Websites, Binaries newsgroups and MP3 blogs. All we ask is that if you like this album, please buy it.”

Meanwhile, I asked Ben Soundhog about how he got involved with the Finitribe remix and resurrected the Tauchsieder name after such a long gap:

Erm, really it was Stuart who got asked to be involved.  He then asked me and I was obviously quite keen, having been rather partial to Finitribe way back when.  I think I’d read an article on the recording of Peel Sessions in Q magazine, and they were featured in it.  Therefore I missed the original release of the track a bit, but I caught up fairly soonish.  It went through about three versions, Stu sent me a version which was a bit Patrick Cowley-esque, I took some bits out and put new bits in like the bendy synth arpeggio, then sent it back and he then did the same while I was away in the hills for a few days.  It ended up rather more ‘banging’ than it had been, fortunately.  I suppose it seemed right to resurrect the Tauchsieder name for it after six years, seeing as how a lot of the stuff we’d done before as that ‘band’ was created in the same fashion. What’s a six year gap between friends?


Blurb: Originally recorded in 2006, released in 2007, the album went largely un-noticed with no promotion and thus we’re left with piles of the things. The label fared worse, printing up 500 copies more than they should have and have boxes of the things going slowly mouldy (presumably) in a shed somewhere. I’m down to my last 6 copies that I keep giving away to people whenever the chance arises.

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  1. […] Tauchsieder first. Meaning immersion heater, this was the combination of Stuart McLean (Frenchbloke), Ben Hayes (Soundhog) and Innes Smith (Cnut), with a little vocal support from Wire’s Colin Newman. They released the wonderful Louder LP in 2007 to no acclaim whatsoever. […]

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