Lopez – Wuchtbrumme [FREELAN002]


New free download from Lopez on Electronic Anarchy. This followed a vote as to which of two tracks people wanted (here). There was a Filterhouse one and a house and trance one. I liked the Filterhouse one, so inevitably, the trance and house track won.

The title’s a strange one. One of those slightly untranslatable words. It’s a classic German compound word, defined thus “Derived from Wucht, meaning power or energy and Brumme, the colloquial term for bumble bee, Wuchtbrumme is used only in reference to a woman – typically big-boned and self-assured.” A slangy term I assume, since the wife’s German dictionary has no entry for it.

The track is less Euro trance than you might expect. It’s a hi-energy scuzzed house which breaks out the 303s and takes it back to the old school. Break out the lasers and the dry ice, I’m going on the dance floor.

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~ by acidted on November 18, 2013.

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