Keenya – Behind Doors (Winter Son’s Helpless Room Remix)


Been a little while since we had any Winter Son (Tom Ragsdale) and his delicate house, so it’s nice to see a remix. Free download. And to have news on a forthcoming release.

The remix is for Keenya (no idea who that is). The original’s lush R&B becomes abstract techno house, with more than a little nod to IDM. Everything’s removed to leave the spaces between the notes apparent. This is ghostly late night house of clattering percussion and blooping bass.

As for Winter Son originals, there is his Here Is A Ghost EP coming in a few weeks. Tom says “After watching a lot of the first horror films from the 20s & 30s I wanted to write something almost romantically paranormal, and influenced by the melancholic lives of some ghosts and spirits.” Should be good, so look out for that.



~ by acidted on November 19, 2013.

One Response to “Keenya – Behind Doors (Winter Son’s Helpless Room Remix)”

  1. […] a new original from Winter Son (Tom Ragsdale). The remix for Keenya was lovely but I really wanted some originals. Here’s a new house two-tracker for digital and […]

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