Larry Jefferson – Solutions EP


If precise Detroit techno’s your thing, take the time to enjoy this EP. Out on early December. And, an update from Larry about his future plans.

Larry Jefferson is a slightly mysterious but wonderful artist from Yorkshire (UK). But you’d never really know it, in that his work keeps Detroit and the classic works of Carl Craig in his sights. This is a new EP on 530Techno which will be available on Beatport from 4 or 12 December. There are two originals and two remixes.

Before those, I asked him about the release. He said “This release actually represents a new beginning for me. Due to the support and feedback I have had this year (a lot of this has been as a result of your good self) it has given me the courage to do what I have wanted to do from the start and that is to play live.” That, I really want to see.

I asked about the future. He said “I am currently putting a live set together which will draw on the work that I have done to date but will also allow me to deviate a little from standard song structures.  This will be a hardware set where I will get the opportunity to mash my 303 through a Space Echo (there is nothing better) and undertake some improvisation. I obviously can’t play everything simultaneously so a laptop will be used for sequencing midi to hardware synths, an 808 and 909, but will also include playing chord sequences live.

I hope to have my live rig completed by the new year and completed rehearsals. I will then be on the look out for supports slots (so if any one is interested in booking me, please contact me on

And beyond that “Apart from a remix that I have coming out in the new year (which is probably the best thing I have ever done) I am tweaking my current music to work live but this process is also making me approach writing in a new way, so it will be interesting to see what happens.”

So, to the EP. The originals are Solutions, which has acid squiggles writ large over the track, plus vocodered vocal taken into the realsm of another instrument. Gives the whole thing a hazy wash. On Taking From Detroit, this does pretty much what you’d expect. Larry says this “is my English homage to acid and techno and clearly pays it’s respect to the pioneers.” Indeed it does, with it’s gently bleeping acid house and thoughtful sample. All sounds very analogue. Lovely.

The remixes are from Jay Tripwire and Demuir. Solutions gets remixed by Jay Tripwire, who deacidifies the track and turns it to more sombre techno emotions. All bassy and dark this one. Demuir has a go at Taking From Detroit. This is moves from the original’s gentle bleeping to something more akin to harder UR techno groove. Quality EP.

Exclusive Beatport Release 12.11.2013

Larry Jefferson explores issues of philosophy and loss via contemporary electronics. He draws influence from personal loss, tragedy, Chicago, Detroit, and Roland 303s. Jefferson is an artist with a 303, satisfying the mind, the feet and the originators of techno while exploring subject matter not normally referenced. Remixes by Vancouver’s tech house innovator, Jay Tripwire (Poker Flat, Wiggle) and Toronto’s Demuir (Mikita Skyy).

Released by: 530Techno
Release/catalogue number: 530D018
Release date: Dec 4, 2013

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