Leav – Sincerely EP


Never ones to faff around, 12-3 Recordings are back with another release. This time the Scandi-house of Leav and his Sincerely EP. And there’s a remix for free download.

As I’ve said a few times, I’m a real fan of Jonas Isakkson’s work. And this is a lovely release. The title track, Sincerely, is melodic lush house that sounds just great in my kitchen and will probably sound easily as good in a club. Classic Leav sounds. All warm and bubbling. Piana is a bit more dance floor driven and a little bit more tending towards the more techno side of things. Avade is a more experimental track, going more into the bass sound with a touch of acid. Interesting rather than captivating. But a great way to end Leav’s year.

Buy on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/album/sincerely-ep/id734099513

Buy on Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/sincerely-ep/1189965

And, to download a cheeky remix of Jay Z by Leav and 12-3 label boss Ruben Brundell

Blurb: Leav is back with his last release of the year, a powerful three-track ep, deep and packed with groove.¬†Infectious title track Sincerely is one of those magnum opus tracks, stainless, overfilled with warmth and drive, a dancefloor-gem and a headphone treasure. If 3:45 doesn’t get your heart racing I’d deem you soulless. Harsh. But honestly one of the best tracks released on TwelveThree thus far. Piana and Avade gives us the full spectra of Jonas Isakssons talent, we’re talking range. Piana is a proper deep house groover, and Avade combines video game aesthetics and a pounding, big-bass house production in an impeccable way. Shortly put, I’m extremely glad to be able to put yet another Leav-masterpiece out there! Ruben

Title: Sincerely EP

Artist: Leav

Release date: November 27 2013

Catalogue: 123REC069

~ by acidted on November 29, 2013.

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