Parjo01 – Sirens


Ragga. A word normally guaranteed to have me reaching for the off-switch. And worse, this is ragga with dubstep. But it was from Parjo01 who admits “In all honesty I think it may well not be your kind of thing.” But, I did like his Longhorn No.9 bassy dub thing at the start of November. I give it a listen. The ragga is irritating but there’s lots of lovely dub wobble and a bass line to stick your head in a bass bin to. Great stuff. Really grew on me. Free download.

Blurb: This started out as a refix for a competition with everything built round a vocal acapella. I then realised it sounded a lot better without the original vocal. Also took out a fairly plodding dubstep beat and put in a 4/4 steppas rhythm to give it a bit of lift. Think it worked

~ by acidted on December 2, 2013.

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  1. […] EP follows a couple of parjo01 tracks we’ve had here previously – Longhorn No.9 and Sirens. But I guess this is the first proper solo release.  It comprises the original track, a dub and […]

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