Abstrakt Audio – Back 2 Basics


The thing about buying records in days when you didn’t have the internet, in which to browse and listen before you buy, is that sometimes you got stuff that wasn’t very good. You were limited to written reviews. But you hoped that hidden on the far side of the release would be something good. This 90s house remix and deep pinging house remix prove that old adage.

New one on Whiskey Pickle. One of those where you ignore the 80s pastiche of the original and head for the remixes.

The original is done with a clear infatuation for the 80s. The Italo house and 80s funk influences are strong and, frankly, are too much for me. But the track gets taken to different places by two of the remixes.

First, Eagle Mountain take it forward into the 90s with a warm analogue house sound that manages the difficult trick of sounding contemporary and simultaneously influenced by the past. Robert Roman completely reconstitutes the original from 80s funk into some minimal techno. Only a few Rhodes chords remind you of the original.

And have a mixtape from Whiskey Pickle label boss Adam Warped about which he says “A few of my favorite 12″ inches that I’ve collected over the years. All vinyl, one shot/take recording, raw with no editing.”

Blurb: For its final offering of 2013 Whiskey Pickle Records is proud to present the second release from Austin’s own rising star of house music, Abstrakt Audio (the ‘nom de plume’ of one Fern Argüello). Producing since the age of 15, starting with a Roland TR–909 and a banged-up Juno–60 synthesizer, Fern has always been drawn to the sounds of ’80s boogie and Italo disco thanks to his father’s hip record collection. Previously, Fern was a part of production duo Retrovox with Rey Aguilar, releasing a number of tracks for PBR Recordings and playing shows and festivals all over Texas and Mexico. His latest project, Abstrakt Audio, soldiers on with “Back 2 Basics”, a dance floor monster of Kraken proportions, unleashed from the murky depths and sure to wreak havoc from coast to coast. A root-chakra-rumbling organ bass line carries the tune over garage-influenced rhythms while dubby vocals punctuate its deep pads. The single is then rounded out by a trio of fine, equally monstrous remixes. Remixer du jours Vanilla Ace and Donny Bravo twist the original into a beautifully melancholy masterpiece that ebbs and flows around sparkling beats and filtered chords. Austin’s up-and-coming mystery duo Eagle Mountain take a classic ’90s flip on the track and jack it up with all manner of vintage percussion and throwback flavors. Another fellow Austinite, Robert Roman, minces the original into tiny bits with his sparse and brooding version, amplifying its deep leanings and taking the listener 10,000 leagues below.

Label and Artist Links: www.whiskeypickle.com  www.soundcloud.com/abstraktaudio

~ by acidted on December 3, 2013.

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