Applescal – Screams


We’ve had a smattering of things from Applescal over the past couple of years. But never an album. This post remedies that, albeit there’s only two tracks. But one is free to download.

An album of previously unreleased works from Applescal (Pascal Terstappen) entitled From A To Sea. released tomorrow. He says these are “Dug out from the nearly lost files of an “old, forgotten computer“. This first tune – Screams – in particular is a really interesting work and is the free download. It has the dissonance of some Aphex Twin or even Max Cooper in his more oblique moments. But it’s offset by an inherent sense of melody. The other track – Thunderstorms – is a less immediate work. Still slightly on the edge of discord, it gradually builds in intensity but without ever quite delivering.

Free download:

Order “From A to Sea” (Out 9 December 2013):

Blurb: Fresh from the release of their last full length, Koett’s elegant ‘Golden Peak’, Dutch imprint Atomnation are set to release an album of unreleased tracks from label boss Applescal, who’s last album ‘Dreaming in Key’, released earlier this year, garnered critical acclaim across the board. Entitled ‘Unreleased works 2008/2012’, Applescal journeys, as you would expect, through all manner of electronic influences, from his minimal leanings seen on his releases for German label Traum, through to the pastoral electronica seen on his Atomnation releases, abstract ‘non-glitch’ IDM, bouncy braindance and more. Peppering his tunes with shades of Aphex Twin, Radiohead and even naïve 80s style electronics, the Dutch producer manages to wring emotion from the barest of elements, with his tracks travelling through the gamut of emotions from heartbreak sadness through to uplifting happiness. The LP, as expected from a release on Atomnation, is shrouded in a misty-eyed nostalgia, pining for a re-imagined past never experienced. Revelling in his mastery of synthesis, Applescal’s tracks twist and turn, morphing between tones and timbres that seem to be in a constant state of flux, in the process creating thought provoking music that is both easy to follow and get lost in. The tracks, culled from an old, forgotten computer, although slightly different (yet no less impactful) from what the producer is making nowadays, clearly contain all the hallmarks that have won the producer all the plaudits he has received.


~ by acidted on December 8, 2013.

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