Kodomo – Red Giant / Impromptu


So, some people work really quickly and I struggle to keep up with their output. Others take their time. Kodomo (Christopher Child) is one of the latter. But worth the wait. This is his first release since 2011’s Frozen in Motion album. And this is my first post on him since October 2011. Includes free download.

The Red Giant / Impromptu virtual 12″ (due out 17 December) is the first release ahead of his third album Patterns & Light. Last time, his music had some of the IDM structures of Plaid, the offbeat charm of Boards of Canada and the synth sensibility of early Orbital. This time, Red Giant has rippling synths and a near drum and bass approach to drum patterns. It’s all quite un-American. There’s an awareness of the world that permeates the music, in ways more profound than simply using a Japanese word for your output. Impromptu bubbles along, punctuated by a big bass drum. Finally, there’s a lumia remix of Red Giant which goes for a more soothing ambient approach and more traditional 4/4 beats.

And, here’s a free download of Red Giant

Blurb: Kodomo is the electronic music project of Chris Child, based in Brooklyn, New York. He took the moniker Kodomo from his last name meaning “Child” in Japanese. To date, Kodomo has released three albums, one EP, and five singles. His debut album, Still Life was presented in 2008 on NYC’s label 5 Point Records. His second album, Frozen In Motion, was released in 2011. His third album, Patterns & Light, will be released in Spring of 2014.

In between releases, Kodomo has collaborated with and done remixes for Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Freezepop, TPWLYST, and Symbion Project, among other artists. Chris is also an Emmy nominated composer and has written music for commercials and TV series. His music is regularly featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, This American Life and All Things Considered. He also created music for the popular hit video games Rock Band, Phase, Amplitude and Frequency, produced by Harmonix.

Chris’s music parallels his interests in technology, science, visual arts, photography, and Buddhism. He approaches each album and project with the intention of moving in a new direction, inspired by new processes and ideas that inform the music he creates.


~ by acidted on December 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “Kodomo – Red Giant / Impromptu”

  1. Hey, just wanted to say thank you for sharing this!

    Never heard of Kodomo before finding this track on Hypem (Shame Red Giant isn’t on there…) so thanks a lot!

    Really great artist, sounds very promising.

  2. […] Which makes Mind Like a Diamond all the more inappropriate as today’s track. It’s from Kodomo (Christopher Child) who’s infrequent but beautiful IDM releases have appeared here a few […]

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