Radio Dogma #01


Been a while since we had any Black Dog and their dour techno. They’re starting a radio show (free download) and here’s the first of what they say will be a fortnightly release and right good it is too. Let’s let them explain:

We’ve been wanting to try and do a radio show for a while, so here we are trying! We’ve always turned them down in the past because we figured we wouldn’t like the sound of our own voices. All in one take and playing all the tunes that have been doing it for us while DJing or in the studio, in short we’ll be playing what we want. Hope you enjoy our first attempt, plenty nervous doing it but you’ve got to start somewhere. We’ll be doing a show every two weeks to start with, always released on a Wednesday.”

You can send us tracks here:

Radio Dogma #01 Tracklist Featured Artist: Manni Dee

01. Pusherman – Masque – Soundcloud 02. Manni Dee – Objective Form – Shades Recordings 03. Huxley – Creeper (Club) – AUS Music 04. Twwth – Naomi XX – Signal Life 05. Carl Taylor – Perplexer – EPM Music 06. Renaisance Man – Hard Feeling (M.E.S.H. Gauss Mix) – Black Ocean 07. Manni Dee – Serenity – Perc Trax 08. Simplicity Is Beauty – Deep Though Mind Explosion 1 – Soundcloud

See more at:

~ by acidted on December 13, 2013.

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